Section I Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

  Weighing yourself regularly is a wonderful way to stay aware of any significant weight fluctuations. 1 , when done too often, this habit can sometimes hurt more than it 2 .

  As for me, weighing myself every day caused me to shift my focus from being generally healthy and physically active to focusing 3 on the scale. That was bad to my overall fitness goals. I had gained weight in the form of muscle mass, but thinking only of 4 the number on the scale, I altered my training program. That conflicted with how I needed to train to 5 my goals.

  I also found weighing myself daily did not provide an accurate 6 of the hard work and progress I was making in the gym. It takes about three weeks to a month to notice significant changes in weight 7 altering your training program. The most 8 changes will be observed in skill level, strength and inches lost.

  For these 9 , I stopped weighing myself every day and switched to a bimonthly weighing schedule 10 . Since weight loss is not my goal, it is less important for me to 11 my weight each week. Weighing every other week allows me to observe and 12 any significant weight changes. That tells me whether I need to 13 my training program.

  I also use my bimonthly weigh-in 14 to get information about my nutrition as well. If my training intensity remains the same, but I’m constantly 15 and dropping weight, this is a 16 that I need to increase my daily caloric intake.

  The 17 to stop weighing myself every day has done wonders for my overall health, fitness and well-being. I am experiencing increased zeal for working out since I no longer carry the burden of a 18 morning weigh-in. I’ve also experienced greater success in achieving my specific fitness goals, 19 I’m training according to those goals, instead of numbers on a scale.

  Rather than 20 over the scale, turn your focus to how you look, feel, how your clothes fit and your overall energy level.

  1. A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. However D. Besides

  2. A. Cares B. warns C. reduces D. helps

  3. A. Solely B. occasionally C. formally D. initially

  4. A. Lowering B. explaining C. accepting D. recording

  5. A. Set B. review C. reach D. modify

  6. A. Depiction B. distribution C. prediction D. definition

  7. A. Regardless of B. aside from C. along with D. due to

  8. A. Rigid B. precise C. immediate D. orderly

  9. A. judgments B. reasons C. methods D. claims

  10. A. Though B. again C. indeed D. instead

  11. A. Track B. overlook C. conceal D. report

  12. A. Approval of B. hold onto C. account for D. depend on

  13. A. Share B. adjust C. confirm D. prepare

  14. Features B. rules C. tests D. results

  15. A. Anxious B. hungry C. sick D. bored

  16. A. Secret B. belief C. sign D. principle

  17. A. Necessity B. decision C. wish D. request

  18. A. Surprising B. restricting C. consuming D. disappointing

  19. A. Because B. unless C. until D. if

  20. A. Dominating B. puzzling C. triumphing D. obsessing

  1. 逻辑关系题:文章第一句说定期称体重是一个很好的方式,空格后谈到hurt 伤害ia,所以前后构成转折相反关系,需要填入一个转折词,选C however。干扰项 A 因此,B 否则,D 除此之外。都不符合题意。

  2. 词性题:空前提到伤害大,空格内需要填入与hurt 的反义词,正确的是D help 有帮助。干扰项 A 关心,B 警告,C 减少。

  3. 副词题:这句意思是我们会把关注点由原来的通常关注体重和健康转移到__关注体重秤上面来。此处需要与generally通常相反的词,正确的是solely 仅仅。干扰项B 偶尔,C 正式与句意不符。

  4. 词性题:仅仅想着__体重秤上的数字,答案是A lowering 降低,此处用了仅仅用来加强语气不能选其他,B 解释,C 接受,D 记录。

  5. 词性题:我需要训练来__目标,与goal 搭配,最适合的是reach 达到,干扰项A set 设置,B 审查,D 修正

  6. 词性题目:准确的__我的努力,已经发生的事,应该用depiction 描述,不能用预测predict,其他词义distribution 分配 definition 定义 都不对

  7. 逻辑题:___改变训练项目,需要三周到一个月时间来注意到体重的明显变化, 此处构成因果关系,选D due to 由于,其他A 不顾,B 除了, C 和都不符合

  8. 词性题:前一句讲过体重的变化是最不明显的需要耗费三周到一个月,所以此处讲的应该是最明显的变化,因此选C 立即的。

  9. 逻辑题:前后构成因果关系,因为这些原因,我改变每天秤体重的做法。 正确答案 reasons

  10. 逻辑题:前半句和后半句明显是一种对比关系,因此选D instead 反而。

  11. 词性题:空后是体重,A track 追踪,正确。B overlook忽视,C conceal 掩盖,D report 报道,意思不符合。

  12. 并列结构:and 前面observe观察,与它意思相近的是C account for 解释说明,每隔一周称体重,让我观察到一些明显的体重变化并且为他寻找原因。其他项A 批准赞成,B 紧紧抓住 ,D依赖 不符合题意

  13. 词性题:那会告诉我如何__我的训练计划,正确答案是adjust 调整,其他选项A分享,C 确认D准备

  14. 词性题:需要填入的是名词,我会从半月体重称量__得到信息。正确答案是D results 结果,其他项A 特色,B 规则 ,C测试 不符合题意

  15. 并列结构:and 后是体重下降,此处是并列关系,选择 B 饥饿。其他项A 焦虑,C 疾病的 ,D无聊的 不符合题意

  16. 词性题:体重下降,那是一个__我需要增加卡路里摄入,C 信号,正确。其他项A 秘密,B 信念 D 原则 不符合题意

  17. 词性题:to后面的结构是修饰这个空,即停止每天称体重的__ B 决定,正确。其他项A 必要性,C希望 D 请求 不符合题意

  18. 词性题:of后边结构修饰前面的burden负担,所以我们此处填入的形容词也必然是不好的 D 失望的,正确。其他项A 惊讶的,C限制的 C 消耗的 不符合题意

  19. A逻辑题: 前半句讲获得成功是结果,填入的应该是因为because正确。其他项B如果不,C直到 D 如果 不符合题意

  20. D词性题: 此处要填入一个动词,rather than 两个句子构成对比关系,所以我们需要选出与focus 意思相近的词,几个词组都可搭配over, obsess 痴迷 D正确。其他项A 统治,B迷惑 C成功 不符合题意













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