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  Text 3

  Geography is the study of the relationship between people and the land. Geographers compare and contrast 1 places on earth. But they also 2 beyond the individual places and consider the earth as a 3 . The word Geography 4 from two Greek words, ge, the Greek word for “earth” and graphein, 5 means “ to write”. The English word geography means “to describe the earth”. 6 geography books 7 on a small area like a town or city. Other deal with a state, a region, a nation, or an 8 continent. Many geography books deal with the whole earth. Another 9 to divide the study of 10 is to distinguish between physical geography and 11 geography. The former focus on the natural world; the 12 starts with human beings and studies 13 human being and their environment act 14 each other. 15 when geography is considered as a single subject, 16 branch can neglect the other.

  A geographer might be described 17 one who observes, records, and explains the 18 between places. If places were alike, there would be little need for geographer.

  We know, 19 ,that no two places are exactly the same. Geography, 20 ,is a point of view, a special way of looking at places.

  1. A. similarB. distantC. variousD. famous

  2. A. passB. go C. reachD. get

  3. A. wholeB. untilC. part D. total

  4. A. fallsB. resultsC. removesD. comes

  5. A. whatB. which C. that D. it

  6. A. SomeB. MostC. ManyD. Few

  7. A. relyB. restC. reckonD. focus

  8. A. extensiveB. overallC. entire D. enormous

  9. A. wayB. meansC. habitD. technique

  10. A. world B. earthC. geographyD. globe

  11. A. mental B. militaryC. economicD. cultural

  12. A. second B. nextC. laterD. latter

  13. A. when B. whatC. whereD. how

  14. A. upon B. asC. forD. to

  15. A. And B. ButC. ThereforeD. For

  16. A. neither B. oneC. either D. each

  17. A. for B. asC. toD. by

  18. A. exceptions B. samenessC. differenceD. divisions

  19. A. moreover B. meanwhileC. howeverD. or else

  20. A. still B. then C. neverthelessD. moreover


  Text 3

  1. 【答案】 C. various

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. various 各种各样的,不同的。句子的意思是“地理学家比较和对比地球上各种不同的地域”。可见,similar, famous, distant 均不符合题意

  2. 【答案】B. go

  【解析】本题测试惯用搭配.go beyond(= exceed) 超越,超过。

  3. 【答案】A. whole

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配. as a whole 作为整体,常跟在名词后面,如:We must examine these problems as a whole.


  4. 【答案】D. comes

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配. come from 来自,来源于,正合题意。fall from 从…….落下;result from 由…… 产生,因……而造成:1)Sickness often results from eating too much. 2) Nothing has result from my efforts.

  remove…from… 把……从…...去掉;撤职:1)It is difficult to remove the stain from the clothes. 2) They removed him from his position. 3) The corrupt official was removed from office. 由此可见 falls, results 与removes 均不符合题意。

  5. 【答案】B. which

  【解析】本题测试结构搭配. which 引导非限定性定语从句,修饰graphein.

  6. 【答案】A. Some

  注释:本题测试逻辑搭配.做cloze 试题的时,考生必须从语篇的角度去选择适当的词语,是文章在逻辑意思和结构上完整统一。本题与下句联系密切,下句中有Others,故本题应选Some,从而构成句型:Some…. Others…...。

  7. 【答案】D. focus.

  【解析】本题测试结构型词义搭配. 所列的四个候选动词后都可以接介词on,但词义不同。rely on 依靠。rest on 着落:Science rests on facts. (科学以事实为依据。)

  reckon on 指望,依靠:We hope that we can reckon on your support.

  focus on 集中讨论研究:These meetings focus on the strategies for the future. (这些会议集中研究未来战略。) focus 也可用作及物动词,意为“把…..集中在…..上”,例如:The students can focus their attention on the meaning of each sentence.可见,本题应选 D. focus

  8. 【答案】C. entire

  【解析】本题测试逻辑型词义搭配.上下文的意思是:有些地理书主要研究城镇这样的小地区,而另一些地理书则研究州,区域,国家或整个大洲。可见,这里谈话的中心是地理书研究的地区的大小和范围,故应选,C. entire。extensive 广大的,广阔的; overall 全面的,总和的; enormous 巨大的,庞大的 均不切题。

  9. 【答案】A. way


  10. 【答案】C. geography

  【解析】本题测试词义与逻辑搭配. exercise 3 的9 和10在同一句子中,句意是:还有一种划分地理学研究范围的方法是把地理学分为自然地理学人文地理学。从句意上看,第9句应选 way。means 手段,工具,方法(=sth. that helps a person to get what he or she wants),例如:You may use every means you can think of. (你可以使用你想到的各种方法) habit (个人的)习惯;technique 技能,技巧。第10句从上下文逻辑意思上看,只能选 C. geography.

  11. 【答案】D. cultural


  12. 【答案】D. latter

  【解析】本题测试词义型逻辑搭配.注意句型:the former….., the latter(前者….,后者….)

  13. 【答案】D. how



  14. 【答案】A. upon

  【解析】本题测试结构搭配. act on(= have an effect on) 对…..有影响,对….起作用:This acid acts on metals. (这种酸对金属起作用。)

  15. 【答案】B. But

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. 从上下文逻辑来看,此句表示语气转折,故应选 B. But。

  16. 【答案】A. neither

  注释:本题测试逻辑搭配.上面谈到地理学包括自然地理和人文地理。本句指出,当把地理学看作一门学科时,那么其中任何一门分科都不能忽视另外一门分科。可见,此题应选 neither.

  17. 【答案】B. as

  【解析】本题测试惯用搭配. be described as 被说成是:He was described as a doctor.

  18. 【答案】C. differences

  【解析】本题测试词义型逻辑搭配.从逻辑意思上看,这里谈的是地域之间的差别,故应选 C. differences. exception 例外, sameness相同点,division 划分,均与上下文文意相悖。

  19. 【答案】C. however

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. however 表示语气转折。

  20. 【答案】B. then

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. then 此处意为“这样说来”,如:How, then, do you account for his absence? (这样说来你如何解释他的缺席呢?) still 仍然;nevertheless 然而,不过;moreover 此外,均不符合题意。




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