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  For the generation that grew up during the feminist revolution and the rapid social change of the 1960s and 1970s, it at first seemed achievement enough just to "make it" in a man's world. But coupled with their ambition, today's women have developed a fierce determination to find new options for being both parent and professional without sacrificing too much to either role or burning themselves out beyond redemption.

  Women have done all of the accommodating in terms of time, energy, and personal sacrifice that is humanly possible, and still they have not reached true integration in the workplace. For a complicated set of reasons-many beyond their control-they feel conflict between their careers and their children. All but a rare few quickly dispel the myth that superwomen ever existed.

  For many women, profession and family are pitted against one another on a high-stakes collision course. Women's values are stacked against the traditions of their professions. In the home, men and women struggle to figure out how dual-career marriages should work. Role conflict for women reaches far beyond the fundamental work/family dilemma to encompass a whole constellation of fiercely competing priorities. Women today find themselves in an intense battle with a society that cannot let go of a narrowly defined work ethic that is supported by a family structure that has not existed for decades. The unspoken assumption persists that there is still a woman at home to raise the children and manage the household. But the economic reality is that most people, whether in two-parent or single-parent families, need to work throughout their adult lives. As a consequence, the majority of today's mothers are in the labor market.

  The first full-fledged generation of women in the professions did not talk about their overbooked agenda or the toll it took on them and their families. They knew that their position in the office was shaky at best. With virtually no choice in the matter, they bought into the traditional notion of success in the workplace-usually attained at the high cost of giving up an involved family life. If they suffered self-doubt or frustration about how hollow professional success felt without complementary rewards from the home, they blamed themselves-either for expecting too much or for doing too little. And they asked themselves questions that held no easy answers: Am I expecting too much? Is it me? Am I alone in this dilemma? Do other women truly have it all?

  26. According to the passage, today's women .

  [A] want to achieve a balance between her loyalties to work and family

  [B] are stronger advocates of gender equality than the older generation

  [C] do not want to sacrifice anything at all for the desired liberation

  [D] are getting no nearer to achieving their ambition in life

  27. What is the myth held by some "superwomen"?

  [A] Personal careers can be reconciled with parental responsibilities.

  [B] The devotion to career weighs more than the regard for children.

  [C] They can resist the temptation of ambition to make great achievements

  [D] The conflicts between careers and children can be resolved.

  28. In what way do women today find themselves in an intense battle with the society?

  [A] The society regards women as less able to perform social tasks.

  [B] Women do too much about their career and too little about their families.

  [C] The society still holds the traditional image about a family.

  [D] Women no longer regard the family as a basic unit of the society.

  29. When women fail to achieve a balance between work and children, they .

  [A] let things go their own courses[B] admit that they are not superwomen

  [C] usually choose to give up their work[D] often blame themselves for it

  30. The author's attitude towards women dilemma seems to be one of .

  [A] suspicion [B] indifference [C] irony [D] sympathy

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  26. [答案] A细节理解题。作者在第一段里指出,在六七十年代长大的女性一开始似乎只是想在男性世界里取得成功。但如今的女性却既要家庭又要职业。由此可知A正确。

  27. [答案] D细节理解题。答案依据在第二段最后两句。这里的超级女性显然是指能够解决冲突的女性。故D正确。

  28. [答案] C细节理解题。作者在第三段里指出:如今的女性是在一个奉行狭隘的职业道德的社会里拼搏,这种职业道德只适应早在几十年前就不存在的家庭结构。因此C正确。

  29. [答案] D细节理解题。答案的依据在最后一段第四句里 "如果她们自我怀疑或因职业虽成功却不能照顾到家庭而有挫败感时,她们就责备自己。"由此可知D正确。

  30. [答案] D推断题。现在的女性想兼顾工作和家庭,对此作者持同情的态度。





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