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  Section Ⅱ Reading Comprehension

  Part A


  Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1(40 points)

  Text 1

  Legends about King Arthur have existed since the 6th century. Stories of the man and his doings have grown far beyond anything that could be regarded as factual history. Here are some of the highlights.

  Arthur was born as a result of the wizardry of Merlin, who arranged all adulterous liaison between Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon, and his lover, a married duchess. Merlin agreed to do this only if the lovers allowed him to bring up the child born of the affair. When Uther Pendragon died some years later, there was confusion in the kingdom about who should inherit the throne. Merlin arranged a pageant where many knights came to try their luck at pulling a sword out of a stone. Whoever successfully extracted the blade was the rightful king. After many a brave knight had tried and failed, Merlin presented the young Arthur who, to everyone's surprise, easily pulled out the sword.

  As king, Arthur established the knightly fellowship of the Round table at his castle of Camelot, so appear all the other chivalrous knights associated with the king. The knights of the Round Table spent much of their time on the quest for the Holy Grail .The Grail is the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, which was allegedly brought to Britain, then somehow lost. It is notoriously hard to get hold of, as finding it requires an almost superhuman degree of moral purity. At last it was the true gentleman Sir Galahad who eventually found it and set off to return it to its rightful place in the Holy Land.

  Arthur's death is a matter of some debate. According to legend, one of Arthur's less intelligent moves was his decision to marry the Lady Guinevere, who fell in love with Sir Lancelot, and their adultery Led to war among the knights of the Round Table, culminating in the Battle of Camlan and Arthur's mortal word. After the Battle of Camlan the wounded king was taken to the mysterious isle of Avalon ruled by his sinister Morgan Le Faye. She, being skilled in the arts of witchcraft and healing, was apparently meant to cure him. But evidently Arthur thought he had little chance, because he gave his sword, Excalibur, to Sir Bedivere to return to the Lady of the Lake, an enigmatic character from whom Arthur had originally received the blade. Bedivere hurled the sword over the water, where a spooky hand appeared from the lake to catch it, waved it around for a while and then carried it down to the murky depths where, who knows, perhaps it still lies. As for Arthur, we can only conclude that his sister wasn't such a good doctor.


  21.The passage is mainly about

  A. a brief history of King Arthur.

  B. the story of the Round Table Knights.

  C. a legendary life of King Arthur.

  D. the death of King Arthur.

  22. Arthur became the king because

  A.he was the old king's only son.

  B.he was supported by many brave knights.

  C.he was the strongest man in the kingdom.

  D.he pulled the sword from the stone.

  23. found the Holy Grail and returned it to the Holy Land.

  A.King Arthur   B .The most morally respectable knight

  C.Sir Lancelot   D .The Round Table knights

  24. Arthur's sword, Excalibur, was returned to

  A. his queen.

  B. the person who gave it to him.

  C. Merlin, his adopted father.

  D. his sister.

  25.Arthur died because

  A. his sister couldn't heal his mortal wound.

  B. his sister refused to cure him.

  D. he lost his Excalibur.

  SectionⅡReading Comprehension

  Text 1


  highlight n.最精彩的场面,最后重要的部分

  liaison n.私通;(尤指军队中的)联络;[语]连音

  duchess n.公爵夫人,女公爵;容貌威严的妻子

  knight n.(欧州中世纪)骑士;武士;爵士

  chivalrous a.勇武的;有骑士气概的

  culminate vi.达到顶点vt.使达到顶点


  本文主要介绍了传说中的King Arthur一生中几个重要事情,来描述他传奇的一生。

  Para.1:King Arthur的传奇故事流传甚远。

  Paras.2-4:分三段描述了有关King Arthur三个事件:石里拔剑继承王位,找到the Holy Grail彰显品性正派,死亡传奇的背后。


  21.C通读全文,可知这篇文章简要介绍了传说中的King Arthur的一生,而不是历史。选项C中的legendary life即传奇的一生。选项A“阿瑟王简史”,B项“圆桌骑士的故事”,D项“阿瑟王之死”都不能概括整个篇章的内容。


  23.B第三段说只有具有“an almost superhuman degree of moral purity”(品德纯良几乎是超人程度)的人,也就是在品性上最正派(morally respectable)的人,才能找到the Holy Grail,文中是那位真正的绅士(the true gentleman)Sir Galahad找到的。选项A的阿瑟王,选项C的Sir Lancelot (王后的情人)都不是。选项D的圆桌骑士用的是复数,指的是他们全体,所以也不对。

  24.B最后一段可以看出,Arthur把他的神剑还给了当初把剑送与他的the Lady of the Lake,不是选项A中的他的王后,也不是选项C中的他的养父Merlin,更不是D中的他的妹妹。





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