Text 1

  Every human being has unique arrangement of skin on his fingers and this arrangement is unchangeable. Scientists and experts have proved the 1 of finger-prints and discovered that no 2 similar pattern is 3 from parents to children, 4 nobody knows why this is the 5 .

  The ridge 6 on a person’ finger doesn’t change 7 growth and is not affected by 8 injuries. Burns, cuts and other damages to the 9 part of the skin will be replaced 10 by a new one which bears the reproduction of the 11 pattern. It is only when the inner skin is injured that the arrangement will be 12 Some criminals make use of this to 13 their own finger-prints 14 this is a dangerous and rare step to 15 .

  Finger-prints can be made very easily with a printer’s ink. They can be recorded easily. With special method, 16 can be achieved successfully within a short time. 17 the simplicity and economy of this system, finger-print have often been used as a method of solving criminal cases. A 8 man may deny the charge but this may be 19 . His finger-prints can prove who he is even his 20 has been changed by age or accident.

  1. A. uselessnessB. quantityC. magnitudeD. uniqueness

  2. A. naturally B. exactlyC. especiallyD. particularly

  3. A. passed onB. passed awayC. passed outD. passed off

  4. A. ifB. whenC. thoughD. as

  5. A. reasonB. causeC. groundD. case

  6. A. constructionB. structureC. locationD. position

  7. A. withB. because ofC. untilD. under

  8. A. graveB. severeC. substantialD. superficial

  9. A. outsideB. outwardC. innerD. outer

  10. A. in timeB. on timeC. at timesD. behind time

  11. A. originalB. differentC. definiteD. customary

  12. A. restoredB. hurtC. destroyedD. restricted

  13. A. diminishB. disposeC. undermineD. remove

  14. A. andB. butC. whenD. if

  15. A. makeB. takeC. doD. adapt

  16. A. realizationB. detectionC. identificationD. investigation

  17. A. In spite ofB. Irrespective ofC. Because ofD. In case of

  18. A. suspectedB. doubtedC. distrustedD. doubtful

  19. A. out of caseB. in vainC. at randomD. in question

  20. A. lookB. expressionC. appearanceD. sight


  Text 1答案

  1. 【答案】D. uniqueness

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。uniqueness 独一无二,独特性,正合题意。magnitude 大小,数量;quantity 数量;uselessness 无用性;均与题意相悖,不能入选。

  2. 【答案】B. exactly

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。 exactly (= correctly; quite) 确切地,完全地:They are exactly alike. naturally 自然地;especially 和 particularly 尤其的,特别的;逻辑上均不符合题意,故不入选。

  3. 【答案】A. passed on

  【解析】本题测试惯用搭配。pass on (=convey to other)把……..传递给另外的人:We should pass on the fine tradition of hard struggle from generation to generation. pass away 去世; pass out 失去知觉,昏倒; pass off 中止,停止。

  4. 【答案】 C. though

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配。though 尽管;与句意相符。

  5. 【答案】D. case

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。case 情况,情景:I afterwards heard that this was not the case. (我后来听到,情况并非如此) If that is the case, I must as well try.(情况如果是这样,我也应该争取)本句译文:科学家和专家业已证明指纹的独特性并发现由父母传给子女的指纹没有完完全全相似的,尽管没有人知道为什么会这样。

  6. 【答案】B. structure

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。structure (=way in which sth. is put together, organized, etc.)构造,结构:the structure of the human body(人体构造)。construction 建造,建设;location 定位置;位置;position 1)位置:in position (在适当的位置),out of position(不在适当的位置);2)地位,职位,工作。从上下文的意思来看,此处指一个人手指上脊的“构造”,故选 structure.

  7. 【答案】A. with

  【解析】本题测试结构搭配。with 在此处的含义是“随着”。

  8. 【答案】D. superficial

  【解析】本题测试逻辑型词义搭配。superficial 表层的,符合题题,可以入选。grave 需要认真考虑的,严重的,严峻的;severe 严厉的,严重的;substantial 实质的;均不符合题意。

  9. 【答案】D. outer

  【解析】本题测试逻辑型词义搭配。outer 外部的,外层的,其反义词是 inner; outside 在外面的,其反义词是 inside; outward 外面的,在外面的:the outward appearance of things(东西的外观)

  10.【答案】A.in time

  【解析】本题测试惯用搭配。in time 此处意为“后来渐渐,终于”;其他选择均不符合题意。on time 准时;at times 有时;behind time 晚点。

  11. 【答案】A. original

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。original 原来的,本来的。 bears reproduction 意为“重新长出”。

  12. 【答案】C. destroyed

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。destroy 意为“毁坏”。hurt 伤害,不合题意。

  13.【答案】D. removed

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。removed vt.(=cause sth. to disappear, eliminate) 消除,去除;diminish vt./vi. 减少;dispose (of) 处理,处置;undermine vt. 破坏。remove 与题意相符。

  14. 【答案】 B. but

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配。从逻辑上讲,本题需要一个对比连词,故应选 but(但是)

  15.【答案】B. take

  【解析】 本题测试惯用搭配。take a step 采取措施:That would be a rash step to take. (那会是冒失的措施。) make a step 走一步。

  16.【答案】C. identification

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。identification 鉴定;realization 认识到,实现,认清;detection 觉察,发觉,侦察;investigation 侦察;

  17.【答案】C. Because of

  【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配。此处表示因果关系,故应选 because of. in spite of 尽管;irrespective of 不顾的,不考虑的;irrespective of sex, age or education 无论性别,年龄,或教育程度;in case of 万一:in case of fire 万一发生火灾。

  18.【答案】A. suspected

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。suspect 嫌疑,猜疑。常指设想某人有欺诈,私通或犯罪的嫌疑;doubt 怀疑,意为对事情的真假,将来事情的成功与否的怀疑。distrust 不信任,怀疑;意指是否值得信任,与suspected 不同,故本题应选 suspected.

  19. 【答案】B. in vain

  【解析】 本题测试惯用搭配。in vain(=without the desired result) 徒劳,白辛苦:1)He tried in vain to open the locked door.(作状语)2)All our efforts were in vain.(作表语)

  in question 1)所谈的:That is not the subject in question. (那不是我们所谈的课题)

  2) 有问题:I know Bill would be a good captain for the team. That is not in question. But does he want to be captain? (我知道,比尔会成为好队长。那是不成问题的。但他想不想当队长?)

  out of use 不再使用:This railway station is out of use. at random 任意的,随意的。

  20. 【答案】C. appearance

  【解析】本题测试词义搭配。appearance 外表,仪表;look 脸色,神态;expression 表情,脸色,与look 同义;sight 视觉,视域;情景。


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