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  1. Exceptional children are different in some significant way from others of the same age. For these children ________to their full adult potential, their education must be adapted to those differences.

  A. to develop

  B. to be developed

  C. developing

  D. will develop

  2. Space exploration promises to open up many new territories for human settlement, as well as _________the harvest of mineral resources.

  A. leads to

  B. to lead to

  C. leading to

  D. lead to

  3. Someday, solar power collected by satellites ________ the earth or fission power (裂变能)manufactured by mankind may give us all the energy we need for an expanding civilization.

  A. circled

  B. to circle

  C. circling


  4. In this experiment, they are wakened several times during the night, and asked to report what they ________ .

  A.had just been dreaming

  B. are just dreaming

  C.have just been dreaming

  D. had just dreamt

  5. Her terror was so great ________ somewhere to escape, she would have run for her life.

  A. only if

  B. that there had only been

  C. that had there only been

  D. if there were only


  1. AFor these children to develop to their full adult potential在句中做目的状语,these children 是to develop 的逻辑主语,这种主谓关系在目的状语中一般是不能用分词表示的。B中不定式被动式与句意相悖;for不是连词,故不能选D,否则语句不通。

  2. Cas well as 在语法功能上相当于介词,所以在句中要接动名词leading to。

  3. C句子的主语为solar power or fission power,谓语是may give, collected by satellite circling the earth是后置定语修饰solar power,其中circling the earth 又是现在分词短语修饰satellite,“环绕地球的卫星”,相当于the satellite which circles the earth。其他选择项均不符合句子语法结构要求。

  4. C句中已给出频次状语several times,说明要用完成时态,同时句子的时态定位是现在时they are wakened,显然不能用过去完成时,所以选C。

  5. C这是一个so…that结构表示结果状语的句型, A、D 可以排除。在that从句中又有条件从句,而且应该是虚拟语气结构,B中没有表示条件的连词,是错误的。C虽然也没有连词if,但采用了倒装结构,可以将 if省略,又是had done,表示与过去事实相反的假设,时态、结构完全正确,因此是惟一正确的选择。



  6. Some women ________ a good salary in a job instead of staying home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family.

  A. must make

  B. should have made

  C. would make

  D. could have made

  7. A light with no more power than ________ by an ordinary electric light bulb becomes intensely strong as it is concentrated to a pinpoint-sized beam.

  A. as is produced

  B. that produced

  C. that is produced

  D. produced

  8. For most people the sea was remote, and with the exception of early intercontinental travelers or others who earned a living from the sea, there was little reason to ask many questions about it, let alone________ what lay beneath the surface.

  A. asking

  B. ask

  C. to ask

  D. be asked

  9.Even if they are on sale, these ________refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, at the other store.

  A. anyone

  B. the others

  C. that

  D. the ones

  10. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as ________ its soil and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans.

  A. are

  B. is

  C. do

  D. has


  6. D这是一个含蓄虚拟句,意为“有些妇女完全可以不呆在家里,干一份工作挣得可观的工资,可是她们决定不工作,为的是照顾家庭”,所以选D。should have made意思是“本应该做而实际上没做”,与原句意不够贴切。

  7. B相当于A light with no more power than the power that is produced by…。that代替power,表示相比较的事物,而D中没有比较对象,故不对;as表示原级比较,不与than用在一起,故A也不正确;C中缺少 that的先行词,也是错误的。

  8. Clet alone,“更不用说……”,在用法上相当于并列连词,因此要求填入与前面一样的结构,此处是不定式。

  9. D句子要求填一个能够代替these refrigerators 的代词,故排除A、C。the others一般与另一部分相对而言,在此句中不对,所以选the ones。

  10. A句子后半句是倒装句,主语是复数its soil and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans,因为较长,所以后置,故选A。



  21. Taking more vitamin than the body needs does not make it function better, _________ over-fulfilling the oil lamp makes it lighten better.

  A. no more than

  B. any more than

  C. not more than

  D. much more than

  22. Do you have any idea what Jim does all Sunday? He spends_________ as much time idling about as he does .

  A. his study

  B. studying

  C. to study

  D. on his study

  23. The student I am teaching this year is much more intelligent than _________ I taught last year.

  A. that

  B. one

  C. the one

  D. those

  24. Just as the builder is skilled in the handling of his bricks, _________ the experienced writer in the handling of his words.

  A. and so is

  B. as is

  C. the same is

  D. so is

  25.The new hotel has erected a beautiful building with recreation area and conference facilities on the top floor _________ the finest view of the city can be obtained.

  A. in which

  B. over which

  C. where

  D. there


  21.. Bnot…any more than…“与……同样不……”。本句意为:“摄入的维生素超过了身体所需要的量并不能使身体更好地发挥作用, 就像往油灯中倒入过多的油不能使其更亮一样。” no more…than 与not…any more than同义, 但句中前半部分已有not, 此处再填no是错误的。

  22.. B此题测试的是平行结构问题, 即在并列或比较结构中,并列或比较的成分在语法形式上应一致。 如该句中应为:He spends as much time idling about as he spends (much) time studying.句中does 代替spends, idling与studying平行。

  23. Cthe one 代替带定冠词的单数可数名词。句中代替the student,故选C。

  24. D句子用的是just as…so…句型,后半部分要求倒装,所以应选D。

  25.Cwhere引导定语从句,在从句中做地点状语,相当于from the top floor。



  31. Relaxation, _______ fresh air, pure water and clean food, is essential to a sound mind and healthy body.

  A. much less than

  B. no less than

  C. no more than

  D. any less than

  32. It is far better to do well a bit of work which is well _______ a large fortune.

  A. worthy to be done than have

  B. worth doing than to have

  C. worthwhile to do than have

  D. worthy of doing than have

  33. Understanding the cultural habit of another nation, especially_______ containing as many different subcultures as the United States, is a complex task.


  B. the one

  C. that

  D. such

  34. Whether or not the next plan will yield any positive results _______ to be seen.


  B. remains

  C.is remained

  D. have remained

  35. If ever again_______ happens an accident like this, we will have only ourselves to blame.

  A. it

  B. so

  C. there

  D. that


  31. Bno less than “与……同样(重要)”。全句意为: “放松休息, 就像新鲜空气、纯净水、清洁的食品一样, 是健康的身心所不可缺少的。”

  32. Bto have a large fortune与to do well a bit of work…是并列不定式。另外,worth, worthy, worthwhile在用法上的区别是:(1)worth是介词, 后接动名词或名词,形成介词短语。接动名词时, 与主语是动宾关系,其形式是主动的,意义是被动的。如: The book is worth reading. (2)worthy是形容词, 置于be动词后或名词后面, 做后位修饰语, 其结构是: be worthy of doing sth., sth. is worthy to be done。(3)worthwhile是形容词,要与形式主语it并用:It is worthwhile to read the book.worth和worthy都不能用于这种结构。

  33. Aone 指代前面提到的具有泛指含义的可数名词单数, 在该句中指代another nation, 句中属于泛指,可见B是错误的。such指代前面讲过的整个情况,多用作主语。that 指物时常用来指代不可数名词, 指代可数名词时具有特指含义。

  34. Bwhether 引导名词性从句做主语, 谓语动词应为单数。另外,remain一般不用被动式, 所以B为正确选项。

  35. C这是there be句型的异化形式,即there be 句型中还可以用be以外的不及物动词,如live, stand, exist, come, remain等。



  36. The students were much encouraged _______ a chance to talk with the Americans in English.

  A. to get

  B. gotten

  C. to have got

  D. having got

  37. When a person is in a happy frame of mind, he may agree on the thing that he won’t tolerate _______ when he is not in the right frame of mind.

  A. doing

  B. to do

  C. done

  D. to be done

  38. Recently many schools have faced what could be called the crisis of comprehension or, in simple terms, the phenomenon of students with phonic and grammar skills still _______ unable to understand what they read.

  A. are

  B. to be

  C. being

  D. have been

  39. I_______ the train but I overslept that morning.

  A. could catch

  B. might catch

  C. must have caught

  D. could have caught

  40. It is very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you _______ it.

  A. mustn’t have done

  B. wouldn’t have done

  C. mightn’t have done

  D. didn’t have to do


  36. C句中不定式表示原因: “学生有机会用英语与美国人交谈,很受鼓舞。” 所以应用不定式完成式。如果句子用的是一般现在时are, 那么选A是对的。

  37. Atolerate要求动名词做宾语, 只能选A。

  38. C动名词being 做students 的逻辑谓语, 相当于…students… being unable to understand what they read。整个动名词短语做of的宾语,所以只能选C。

  39. D这是一个含蓄虚拟条件句,前半部分假设,后半部分真实,因此应选could have caught,意为“我本来能赶上火车的,可是那天早上我睡过头了”。区别这类含蓄虚拟条件句的关键词是but。

  40. Ddidnt have to do it“不用非得洗(碗)”,符合句意。







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