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  Generation gap refers to the lack of understanding between generations caused by their different attitudes and experiences. It is a common phenomenon that exists everywhere and has a great influence on the relationship between generations.

  Competition, as a great force to call on people to develop constantly, has already been critical in the modern society.

  Honesty refers to the quality of a person who tells the truth and works without cheating. Honesty is regarded as the most important virtue admired everywhere.

  Blog is a new fashion among citizens. It sprung up when more and more people are possessing personal computers. It is a new kind of life style, learning style and work style.


  Do you believe that everyone is born to a certain fate that he cannot change? Or do you think, as I do, that each person makes his own fate?

  With the development of China’s opening-up and reform, many parents intend to have their children get a foreign education. What do you think of sending teenagers to study abroad?

  With the advance and development of the society, the requirement on individuals becomes more and more demanding. Then how to get well-prepared for challenges in this competitive world becomes a hot issue for many people.

  Nowadays tuition and fees for college are much higher than ever before. How to finance one’s college education has become a matter of great concern for many people, particularly the young students and their family.


  As regards the farmer migration into the cities, there has been a heated discussion among the general public in our society. The majority of people argue that this mass migration is beneficial to the development of both the countryside and the cities. Other people, however, hold that there are more disadvantages arising from this migration movement.

  When it comes to the issue of whether college students should set up their company, some people think that it is a good way to apply the book knowledge to the practice. Others argue that students, whose main task is to study, should not ruin their time and energy like that, thus should be prohibited.

  There is a heated discussion today about whether the parents should send their children studying abroad. Those who oppose this phenomenon argue that it brings a great burden and pressure to the family, and for students they cannot adapt to the new culture very quickly. But people who are in favor of such behavior maintain that children will be more competitive and well repaid in the future life.


  A popular saying goes like this, “everything has two sides”. It is the same with the private cars. The advantages of owning a private car go along with its disadvantages.

  A proverb says, “Time is money”, but I think time is more precious than money, for we can earn more money when we’ve spent some, but lost time can never be found again.

  The elders always remind us that slow and careful work yields perfect results.

  As the old Chinese saying goes, only through reading thousands of books can one write fluently.


  The earth is now burdened with overcrowded population while much of its natural resources are exhausted aimlessly.

  With the rapid development of industry, the environment is being destroyed without any mercy from man. Trees are cut down, rare animals get killed, rivers drain dry, and mountains become bare. With the damage comes the punishment of the nature, such as flood, sandstorm, drought, plague, unknown virus, etc.

  The past few years have witnessed a frantically increasing interest in buying lottery tickets, especially for the young people. Some people even go so far to quit their work and make it their career, which means great risks.

  With the economic development of our country, more and more university students are engaged in the activities of doing part-time jobs. As a college student, I always wonder whether it is good or bad for us to do so.


  It is generally believed that the heavy summer flooding resulted from the extensive deforestation. Experts argue that China must introduce a massive planting program to cope with this disaster. But I doubt whether this program alone will solve the problem.

  It is widely acknowledged that too much indulgence is prone to spoil the child and brings them no good.

  Currently/Recently/Nowadays/At the present/At the present stage/ there is a widespread/widely-held concern/opinion/ belief/ view that …

  Now people in growing number are coming to realize that

  Recently the issue of has been brought to public attention.

  One great man once mentioned that Now more and more people share the belief.

  There is no denying / doubt that

  Recently attention/stress has been placed/ laid upon

  When asked about the question/matter/problem ofsome/many/few/most people

  Now it is generally/commonly / widely held / thought that, but I wonder / doubt that

  There is a heated discussion / debate/ controversy now about the issue of

  The topic / issue / attitude of … is quite popular among


  As is shown/described in the pictures above, we can see clearly that a flower, with the protection from the heavy rain, grows very well in a green house. But once removed the protection and exposed to the bitter weather, it withers and fades.

  In the picture, we can see clearly that all of the men are working together to build a house. Without their combined effort, the house would be unlikely to be completed. This is a kind of teamwork spirit that is highly valued in today’s society.

  The primary purpose of this picture lies in the criticism of the moral degradation.

  It goes without saying that the drawings aim at revealing a common and serious problem in China: how to educate and cultivate the young.

  The cartoon features a man who looks fat, wealthy and edacious.

  What the drawing is trying to express is very conspicuous.

  A first glance at this cartoon tells us that a matchmaker is attempting to create a sense of crush between a man and a woman.

  The picture describes an increasingly common scenario in today’s world.

  Almost everybody who lives in the urban areas of China is familiar with the phenomenon shown in this picture.

  This is a very thought-provoking picture. / The cartoon reveals a very thought-provoking scene. / This is quite an extraordinary and meaningful picture.

  It is a very alarming cartoon, in which hundreds of new-born babies are crying for food but there are only two bowls of porridge available.

  The title of the picture further points out that to read books means to enlighten and development our thoughts with the help of other’s thinking.

  This picture describes the scene of.

  The cartoon reveals an astonishing scenario that.

  The cartoon features the sharp contrast between.

  The picture presents an interesting scenario occurring in.

  It goes without saying that this picture aims at revealing a current problem:

  It is a very eye-catching photo in which.

  The drawing portrays a tragic scene in which.

  In the picture, we are amazed to find that .

  Basically, what we see in this cartoon is.

  As the caption points out.

  The picture depicts.

  As is suggested by the picture.


  As is shown in the graph, it can be easily concluded that the past twenty years have seen some ups and downs in China’s growth rate whereas there has been a steady increase in the amount of GDP.

  As is shown in the graph, the US population has been increasing dramatically since 1800. It had a much sharper increase from 1940 to 1990, reaching the peak at 250 million.

  From the pie chart, we can find that among 5.5 billion people in the world, the smokers almost account for 20 percent of the total population.

  From the above bar chart, we can learn that the life expectancy in the developing countries rose greatly from 1960 to 1990 with the infant mortality declining sharply.

  The key findings taken from the survey are as follows: different people do not use the library in the same way. Their age, education background, and even their sex may affect their choice of library materials they need.

  The several points compared in this table calls for our attention.




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