1. 投诉信

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I’m writing to lodge the complaint about the poor quality of ..... that I purchased from Sun Appliance Company.

  Frankly speaking, Sun Appliance has always been my favorite....... The machine operated well at first, but ten days later, there was a fault that bothered me, that is, the fan made so much noise that I could not sleep well at night. Worse still, ......... Its poor quality ruined almost all my previous impression toward your products.

  I strongly suggest that a repairman or a service engineer should be sent to my home without delay. I wonder if you could pinpoint the exact cause of the malfunction as soon as possible. If you can’t, I am afraid that I will request for full amount of refund or a new........

  I would appreciate all your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to your reply.

  Yours Sincerely,

  Li Ming

  2. 感谢信

  Dear Sir/Madam,

  I’m writing to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the nurses and doctors in your hospital.

  Last month, while I was on a business trip in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, I suffered from a bad cold and a fever, so I was sent to Ward Rom 201, Chaoyang Medical Center. During my stay at hospital, nurses on duty patiently took my temperature, regularly examined my body, and often fed meals to me. In addition, doctors prescribed me the most effective drugs and gave the best medical advice. Thanks to the constant care from the hospital staff, I recovered quickly. Now that I have returned home, the excellent service of your hospital still impresses me. I believe that as patient, I have received the most professional treatment and the most considerate care.

  Please allow me to convey my sincere greetings toward the doctors and nurses that contribute all their efforts, patience and energy to their patients. Nothing can express my gratitude except my best wishes to them. If you have anything that needs my help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming


  Dear Sir/Madam,

  I’m writing for a precious opportunity to work in a bank that enjoys years of reputation.

  I read today’s Beijing Youth this morning, pleased to discover that your bank is looking for a cashier (an accountant). I wonder if you could be free to have a pleasant talk with me, for all the requirements specified in your advertisement tend to fit my present situation. For one thing, as September closes in, I am going to graduate from college with a Bachelor Degree. For another thing, after four-year study at college, I received extensive training in Accounting, Analytical thinking and Business planning. All of them are considered definite weight for a qualified bank clerk. Still, Speaking Japanese fluently, I don’t think I have any problem while working with other colleagues. Under these circumstances, I firmly believe that I can contribute to prosperity of your company because I am a self-motivated person. On the other hand, a foreign bank with an international background will enrich my working experience and broaden my mind, thus paving a way for my prospective career.

  I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to your reply.

  Sincerely Yours。

  Zhang Li






  Dear Professor Herb Jason,

  I am Li Nan, dean of the History Department, Peking University. I am writing to invite you to participate in an international convention that is to be held in Beijing on September 12, 2005.

  Since your visit in Beijing last year, all the teachers that attended your lecture have been deeply impressed with your thorough knowledge and profound understanding of the subject. We would be pleased if you could come, as our guest of honor, to the International Conference on Chinese History, If possible, would you please deliver a speech on whatever subject that interests you. Enclosed in this letter is a time schedule for the event. You would, of course, receive our standard honorarium to cover traveling and other expenses. When you arrive in Beijing, I will certainly meet you at the airport.

  Please let me know your date of arrival if you can come and tell us when you can make the trip. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to your reply.

  Sincerely Yours,

  Li Nan


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am a Chinese student from Beijing Normal University who hopes to apply for the admission to your prestigious university. My plan is to start my course next year’s autumn semester, and I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to provide me with certain essential information.

  First of all, what qualifications do I need? I have already obtained a bachelor’s degree, but I wonder if there are any further academic requirements. Second, how much are the tuition fees? And I really want to know whether there are any scholarships available for international students. Third, is it possible for me to live in the university dormitory instead of homestay?

  I look forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed institution.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming








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