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  (1) 表示比较和对比的常用句型和表达法

  1. A is completely / totally / entirely different from B.

  2. A and B are different in some/every way / respec t / aspect.

  3. A and B differ in….

  4. A differs from B in….

  5. The difference between A and B is/lies in/exists in….

  6. Compared with/In contrast to/Unlike A, B….

  7. A…, on the other hand,/in contrast,/while/w hereas B….

  8. While it is generally believed that A …, I believe B….

  9. Despite their similar ities, A and B are also different.

  10. Both A and B …. How ever,A …; on the other hand, B….

  11. The most striking difference is that A…, while B….

  (2) 演绎法常用的句型

  1. There are several reasons for…, but in general, they come down to three major ones.

  2. There are many factors that may account for…, but the following are the most typical ones.

  3. Many ways can contribute to solving this problem, but the follow ing ones may be most effective.

  4. Generally, the advantages can be listed as follows.

  5. The reasons are as follows.

  (3) 因果推理法常用句型

  1. Because/Since we read the book, we have learned a lot.

  2. If we read the book, we would learn a lot.

  3. We read the book; as a result / therefore / thus / hence / consequently / for this reason / because of this, we’ve learned a lot.

  4. As a result of /Because of/Due to/Ow ing to reading the book, we’ve learned a lot.

  5. The cause of/reason for/overweight is eating too much.

  6. Overweight is caused by/due to/because of eating too much.

  7. The effect/consequenc e/result of eating too much is overweight.

  8. Eating too much causes/results in/leads to overweight.

  (4) 举例法常用句型

  1. Here is one more example.

  2. Take … for example.

  3. The same is true of….

  4. This offers a typical instanc e of….

  5. We may quote a common example of….

  6. Just think of….


  1.The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that______________. Consequently,______________.

  2.No matter you like it or not, AAA has become more and more popular and there are many reason for it.

  3.It’s an urgent task for us to change this unfavorable situation:______________.

  4.The picture can reminds you of some strange, yet familiar phenomena existing in our society.

  5.A great number of solutions are being offered. Some people suggest that______________. Others argue that______________.

  6. Confronted with AAA, we should take a serious of effective measures to cope with the situation.

  7. However,________ may cause some problems. First, it is __________. Second,_______. Finally,_____. So, it is clear that______________ has its advantages and disadvantages.

  8.Although___________has a great advantage of__________, it can’t compete with__________in____________.

  9._________may be preferable to___________, but___________suffers from the disadvantages that________.

  10.The advantages of____________are much greater that those of___________. For instance, ______________.

  11._______may be preferable to______________, but it also suffers from the disadvantages that______________.

  12.But I don’t think it is a very good way to solve_______. For instance,______________.Worst of all, ____.

  13.There are many ways to__________. First,_____________. Second,______________. Third,____________.

  14.On the contrary,there are some people in favor of_______.They believe_________.Moreover, they think_______.

  15.There are several measures for us to adopt. First,we can______________, there are a number of advantages of______________.Another solution is to______________.

  16.It is high time that something was done about it.For example,______________.In addition,______________. All these measures will certainly______________.

  17.There are some other people, who______________.Their reasons are different,something for______________,sometimes for______________, and sometimes simply for______________.

  18.______________is necessary and important to our country’s development and construction. First,_____________. What’s more,_____________. Most important of all,______________.

  19.However, if not managed properly, ________can create many problems.Sometimes__________. Furthermore, ___________.Therefore, ____________has been gaining public concern.

  20.There are probably many reasons for______________. First,______________.Second,______________. Finally,______________.

  21.Well, why is there________? I think there might be two reasons. One is_______, and the other is______________.

  22.There are, I think, two main reasons for______.In the first place, _______. In the second place, ________.T herefore, _____.

  23.Why______________? For one thing,_________. For another, ________. Perhaps the main reason is______________.

  24.It is no easy job to find the reasons for this tendency which involves several complicated factors. For some ______________. For others ______________.

  25.Why______________? The first reason is that ______________.The second reason is______________ .The third is______________. For all this, the main cause of______________ is due to______________.





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