1. Please introduce yourself。

  Dear professor, I’m very glad to have the chance to introduce myself to you. My name is XXX, I’m 23 and come from XXX province. I graduated from XXX university, and my major is XXX。(请务必把本科院校的名称和专业名称查清楚。) After the college, I found a job as XXX(工作职位) of XXX Company. I’m a person with great perseverance, eagerness and commitment. With two years work, I have profited the corporation more than 2,000,000 RMB and finally been promoted as the vice manager. Although the job is promising and my future life can be well guaranteed, I still want to further my study on Juris Master in RENMIN UNIVERSITY OF CHINA from the bottom of my heart, so as to enrich my knowledge on this area which is of great importance to enterprises operation and management. Meanwhile, I’m really interested in legal studies。

  2. What do you expect to achieve if you are enrolled into this institute?

  I do have my plan for postgraduate study. As the old saying goes, “Live and Learn。”In the first place, I will try hard to form a systematic view and complete comprehension of Juris study. If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree。

  What’s more, having only the theoretical knowledge is not nearly enough, so I intend to take time to participate in more social practices, in order to obtain a better understanding of the theories of this major。

  In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation of this field。

  3.Do you want to become a lawyer of a judge?

  Well, I’d like to say lawyer。

  To tell the truth, judges have some power, but because of so many social contradictions and conflicts of interest of today's events, the court is just like a big trash can full of the disputes, the current judge’s work pressure and the burden are much higher and his attitude is very important to put peace。

  Come to talk about lawyers, there are pressures from self-promotion, the source of the cases and business expansion. However, this profession seems much flexible no matter on working time or on requirements. I can choose my cases and clients freely, and take advantage the idle hours to relax. After all, I want to give consideration to both health and career。

  4. How do you think the relation between the law and social change?

  In fact, in contemporary Western legal research, "Law and Social Change" is still a controversial topic, whether for legal scholars, as well as how to promote social change, there are many different views. And the viewpoint that the law functions as a tool for economic development, that is "Law and Development Movement",is basically proved to be unsuccessful. In my opinion, why the study of these issues is difficult to obtain a breakthrough? The root cause lies with the lack of a truly effective interpretation of the interrelationship between law and society in general theory. In the traditional philosophy of law, or where the argument of science, this issue has not been got enough attention, and legal philosophers have tended to adopt an internal perspective to observe the law. Whether it is legal positivism or natural law , the greater concern is the legal system's own norms and effectiveness. At the same time, although the sociology of law is the law and society as its own study of the relationship between the subject and thus be able to answer this question to some extent, but the traditional sociology of law theory, starting from a certain social fields to observe the law, not only can not fully grasp the relationship between law and society, but also easy to overlook the law's own autonomy. More important is that, for modern society, the traditional theory, sociology of law can not adapt to the ever-increasing grasp of the social complexity of requirements。

  5. Please talk about your attitude toward death penalty。

  The disputes on death penalty have not yet achieved agreed conclusions. However, from the experience of the death penalty process of thinking and practice, we can see, although the death penalty and abolition are of ethical judgments and can have long-standing controversy, the death penalty is a multi-layered problem. Other related issues can be discussed as a first step to improve themselves. For example, to improve the hearing and appeal procedures to reduce the trumped-up case, giving the defendant the right to full and fair trial, to change the habits of the public before the execution, reducing the death penalty the implementation of the pain, and so on。

  We may also immediately solve the ethical issues, but faced with the death penalty and the judicial system reform, we are far from having nothing to do。


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